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We provide pain-based personalization.

Increases in the number of conversations you have with relevant prospects each month. Pain based personalization targets prospect pain points.



So you know your ideal customer. But you don’t know how to find them, you don’t have the time and enterprise-level data is irrelevant.


You need data for your ideal customers, but data from tools like Zoom is too expensive, out of date and the same data EVERYONE ELSE IS USING.


Sherlock inverts traditional lead research by first finding leads with the most amount of pain, filtering them by their potential value to you, and then communicating with them based on how much their pain is costing them. This leads to 22%+ meeting rates

Our clients have been funded by top VCs and Incubators such as

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You can't win deals with just contact data, names, and revenue details, right?

Unlike [BigDataVendor], we go beyond just listing technologies and tell you what features a company has on its website or its funding announcements. 

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I took a job building lists of ideal customers for an outbound agency, having never done it before. I quickly realized that enterprise data vendors, doing it manually or crawling the web myself was not the way.

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